Recap of AMA Session by METASOCCER on PlayersGuild’s Discord Channel

A partnership between Players Guild and MetaSoccer was recently signed and on that occasion, Players Guild hosted Gustavo Sabino, Growth Lead at Champion Games in an AMA session on their Official Discord Channel. The AMA session took place on March 11th, 2022, and it centred on the origin of the game, as well as its development and future plans. Below is a recap of the major highlight of the session.

Question: We will start today's interview as in previous AMA's, with a question regarding the team that is the initiator of this Web3 project. Can you tell us a bit more about your company, some individual characteristics of team members, etc…

Answer: Let me start introducing myself. I am the growth Lead for the project and my main mission here is to grow our community (Discord/Telegram/Twitter), manage all the influencers (Youtube, Twitter, TikTok) and also close strategic partnerships with clubs/football players/football agencies to bring them all to the Metaverse.

Now about the company. We are a game studio from Barcelona that have worked together since 2015 in another soccer game,, with +2M registered users. So we know a lot about soccer and how to create a successful company. Our investor could see that as well, and that is the reason why we were able to raise +2M Euros in funding and also close big partnerships with VC, launchpad and Guilds.

Question: So when and how was the concept of MetaSoccer conceived and what were some first steps in its implementation?

Answer: It was conceived in early 2021 after the covid situation. We have a fantasy football game and at that time we had some months without football and for that reason we started to look for other options. And since we are all into crypto it was an easy decision to develop this game. So until Q2 2021 we set the layer of the structure of the company and start to build the team and also the roadmap of our project. And here we are, almost finishing the PVE.

Question: Serious competition is slowly emerging and there are more and more interesting concepts of P2e games such as MetaSoccer itself. What strategies are you applying and what will you apply in the future to create hype and raise awareness for this game?

Answer: We are in the sports industry. So it's easier for us to get the web2 users into web3. And we will be doing this with a lot of PR and marketing campaigns that will be active during the entire year. That's one of the reasons why we are closing agreements with football players to join our game.

Also we are closing agreements with football clubs as well that this will bring a lot of attention to our project and ofc new users. Maybe this month we can share the name..

Question: We can all agree that community is a crucial factor in the development of any and especially Web3 project. We can see that you are doing great! What do you plan to do to keep the attention you have gained from the community and increase it at the same time?

Answer: It's very important to be very transparent with the community and have a person that can get the message from the community to Metasoccer team. I am the one that is doing this right now and I strongly believe that what we are doing is very unique in P2E industry. Our community doesn't even talk about token price for example, they just want to play the game and this happens because we are really creating very good project with real value.

Question: We could talk now about the mechanics of MetaSoccer. We can see 4 Game Features on your website - FIND, TRAIN, PLAY, EARN. Can you explain to us exactly how they will work?

Answer: Sure, in our game we will have 2 types of NFTs initially. The youth scouts (YS) and the players. Since we are a manager game, you need to have football players to create your own squad. But to do this you will need to have YS to mint them. That's why we have already +300 ETH in the secondary market and all the drops that we are doing are always sold out.

If the user doesn't want to buy the YS they can just wait for someone to buy them and start to generate football players and put them on sale/loan in our marketplace for example.

If the team is ready you start to play in our PVE (later this month) and PVP (June-July) and start to earn our tokens while you play a manager game.

Question: As we can see, Youth Scouts and Players are crucial to success in this game. We are interested in their characteristics and how they will contribute to us earning real value assets!

Answer: The YS has a lot of value because they will be the ones that will generate the new generation of football players in the metaverse. The cool part here is that all of our assets (YS and players) have an age system. 1 month in real life is 1 year in the Metaverse.

That means that a user with a very good squad of 11 players will need to always look for younger and better players in the marketplace (or mint new ones in case he has YS) because as the football players gets older the conditions and stats are not the same.

Also we have the mentoring feature that will allow users to create more YS using the mentoring (kind of breeding on axie). That's why I purchase a lot of them in the first drop!

Question: If I'm right and correct me if I'm not, you mentioned that there will be Managers and Club Owners. This is a very interesting concept that I am sure everyone would like to know more about!

Answer: Sure. This will be part of the scholarship model that we will have in our game. You as an owner can have multiple teams in our game. But since it's not easy to be in charge of more than one club, the user can delegate their assets to other users to play the game. And that's why the youth scout is so valuable in our game. By having him you can generate all the players for our game.

So the barrier to enter in our game can be $0, because some very good guilds will provide this to them in a scholar model (owner/manager).

Question: A strong and well-controlled EcoSystem is a sure path to a successful P2e game. How do you plan to maintain yours and make a stable and long-lasting project?

Answer: We have in our contract the Token Bonding Curve that will help to keep the price of the token stable and ready for the long run. In a simple way to put the smart contract will mint and burn tokens based on the demand. This will avoid pumps and dumbs in our game and also will help us in terms of liquidity. You guys can see this video that explain very well the concept What's MetaSoccer Token Bonding Curve.

Question: The $MSU token is often mentioned in your project presentation. So if you could explain to us more closely what its functionalities are, what is its role in the Ecosystem and how do you plan to maintain it?

Answer: $MSU is our governance token and for that reason it will be the main token of the game and also the one that you will need to perform all the features in our game (mentoring and scouting for example).

So with new users entering the game and the need to mint more football players the value of the token should increase. Right now we are only at 6M MC and we will still announce football players (tier 1) football clubs (tier 1) and also the game itself.

$MSU will also be the token that you will receive when you win specific tournaments and events in our game!

Question: Partnerships and collaborations certainly play a big role in project implementation.Can you tell us a bit more about current partners, future partnership plans, and how they contribute to your development of MetaSoccer?

Answer: Right now we have +15 guilds onboard on our project (YGG and UniX is one of them for example), and for sure that this number will increase a lot in the following months. The guilds will help our game to become mainstream with the scholarship program and to educate new users about how to be better in a game like Metasoccer.

Question: I can say that my interest in this project jumped a lot after reading RoadMap! What should we pay the most attention to when it comes to the future of MetaSoccer?

Answer: I believe that one thing that people are getting crazy at right now is the stadiums. We have a very cool partnership with an architecture company that works in real life with clubs. And they will be the ones that will create MetaSoccer stadiums this year.

Soon we will put these NFTs on sale for the community as well and it will be another way to receive income in our game!

Question: As a final question, when can we expect the release of the first version of the game?

Answer: The PVE will be live at the end of this month and our users will be able to play friendly matches very very soon. I should be playing the demo next week hahah.

PlayersGuild aims to bring many more of these enlightening AMA sessions to its community in order to broaden their horizon and provide unique opportunities that will benefit them both in the short and long term